Ical to iCalendar ICS calendar converter

1. Your Ical calendar is located in your home directory as .calendar




2. Select Ical calendar or enter ~/.calendar

Specify the file to convert:




3. Convert

Click the upload button.




4. Save

Save the icsOutput.ics file generated which is now suitable for importing to your Sunbird, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, or Outlook client.




5. Open your Sunbird client. Select File menu and "Import..." (Ctrl+I) under it.




6.Select the icsOutout.ics file you just saved and your appointments/todo list will be imported. Click on Finish to see your imported calendar.




Please forward comments and feedback to helpatmath.cmu.edu. If you have calendar files that are not converted correctly, please attach them to your message and specify what exactly doesn't work as expected. Please mention the type and version of calendar program, and the operating system.